The first thing that popped in my head while writing this section was: “Wow. Have I really been doing this for more than a decade?”

How quick the time passes when you’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing people on a lot of really fun projects!

I say privilege, because that’s exactly what it is. I’d like to thank all the fantastic agencies and clients that have taken a chance on me since I came out of school with nothing but a sketchpad and an old Mac G4. Thanks!

This sort of sounds like an acceptance speech – and I guess it kind of is. I have the greatest job in the world: I craft awesome user experiences for the web through strategic design and good old fashioned common sense. That’s probably the easiest way to explain that I distill complex information into simple to use systems within digital environments.

I also get to do a lot of illustration, strategic brand design, and the occasional print piece.

From art direction and creative direction, to being named the captain if my derby team, I’ve led teams through challenging projects and tasted victory on the track.

I’ve worked with companies and brands of all sizes – and have a soft spot for startups as I love being involved with the birth of a new brand.

Some projects I’ve been a part of:

BC Lotto Corp
Dell Computers

Mitsubishi Motors Canada
Home Depot
Big White Ski Resort
Best Buy
Procera Networks
Predator Ridge
British Columbia Wine Institute
Accelerate Okanagan
End of the Roll
Remax of Western Canada
KF Aerospace
Argus Properties